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Transaction Coordination

Transaction Coordination is a generalized term with a broad range definition. With this, we recommend having a discussion to outline and personalize services that fit your business model needs. This will allow for the most efficient and rewarding pairing between business models. To start, many agents prefer the Basic TC Services package that falls under the California Department of Real Estate Unlicensed Assistant Guidelines.​ This service is ideal for anyone trying to leverage their licensee requirements and minimize their administrative and compliance work within standard business hours:

  • System Entry Requirements of Your Broker

  • Coordination with your Broker's Compliance Department

  • Creation and Coordination of Non-Contractual Documents

  • e-Signature Preparation and Non-Contractual Sending of Documents

  • Disclosures Organization and Management

  • Ordering of reports and documents that can be paid in escrow and do not require third-party calendar management: i.e. Preliminary Title Report, NHD Report and HOA documents​​


* Contractual documents can be created and coordinated if there is not a sense of urgency, within business hours, and if Agent fiduciary gives approval before client signature.

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